Advance registration (by March 15, 2010) costs are $300 (U.S.) for non-students and $150 for students. Optional expenses include the social dinner at the Columbia Restaurant ($75), campus housing ($35 single and $50 double rooms per night), and on-campus parking ($20 for the week).

Registration Form
Those registering for the conference must fill out the registration form and email it to:
Payment may be made by check, bank transfer, or credit card:

Check Payment
Make checks payable to: Laboratory for Archaeological Science & Technology (it's ok to write L.A.S.T.).  If sending a check by mail, please include a copy of the registration form.

Send checks to:
ISA 2010

c/o Robert Tykot
Department of Anthropology
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Ave., SOC107
Tampa, FL 33620 USA


Bank Transfers

Please check with the bank or agency making a wire transfer and determine in advance what fees may be charged, so that you can pay those separately and the amount received by L.A.S.T. is correct. There is no fee taken by our bank, but for most international transfers a fee is taken by the initial or intermediate bank involved.

Online Conference Payment by Credit Card
Credit card payment is thru the PayPal website, but you don't need to create a PayPal account. When you "proceed to checkout"  you can click on  "Continue" in the lower left to go directly to credit card payment.

Symposium Presenter Registration Fee
* Must e-mail student documentation
Name of Registrant

Non-Presenter Registration Fee (1 or 2 days only)
* Must e-mail student documentation

Name of Registrant

Parking Decal ($20)
Name of Person Parking

Single room on-campus student housing
Name of Occupant

Double room on-campus student housing
Names of Occupants

Optional Social Dinner at the Columbia Restaurant ($75)
Name of Attendee

Donations are very much appreciated!